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Make your own bitcoins?

Rollman Mining is the first in the world to offer access to these hard-to-find Bitcoin mining machines at locations with affordable electricity rates and qualified maintenance experts. Until recently, this option did not exist.

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Own a Bitcoin miner from €4,500

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    The machine is yours, we'll take care of the rest

    We will purchase and host the mining machine for you. We also take care of the smooth operation and service requirements. This makes mining worry-free for you.

    You have constant overview of your machine

    In the Client Zone you can watch the real-time performance of the machines and their current mining effort. Everything is monitored 24/7.

    We send your mining results every day

    We regularly send the results of your mining directly to your crypto wallet. We pay for all transfer fees.

    Why this cooperation between Rollman Mining and Platinum Crypto Academy

    "Especially in these times, we at Platinum Crypto Academy find it extra important that crypto users can mine Bitcoin safely and profitably. More than 20 years of investment experience in the financial markets, crypto and real estate makes us recommend Rollman Mining. Rollman Mining is also the Premium Mining Partner of Platinum Crypto Academy" - Richard Baker - CEO Platinum Crypto Academy

    Take advantage of this special promotion: Receive a free consultation and €500 discount!

    Own a Bitcoin miner from €4,500!

      What is Bitcoin mining?
      When you decide to mine Bitcoins, this means that you participate in this global network with your own powerful computer or specialized mining-hardware. Your computer will then start solving these complex mathematical problems. Every time your computer solves a problem, you verify a block of Bitcoin transactions. As a reward for your contribution to the network, you will receive a certain amount of new bitcoins. This is comparable to a gold seeker who finds a piece of gold after digging for hours. Mining Bitcoin can therefore be a lucrative undertaking, but it requires an initial investment in suitable hardware and knowledge of the process.
      Why Bitcoin mining?
      Imagine having an apple tree in your garden. You can buy apples from the market, or you can pick them yourself. With Bitcoin mining you actually "pick" your own bitcoins. In the long term this can be cheaper than buying bitcoins, especially if you have access to cheap electricity and good equipment.
      Why shouldn't I just buy Bitcoin?
      When someone invests in Bitcoin Mining, that person will always receive more Bitcoin for his money, as long as you have a quality mining machine with cheap electricity costs. Rollman Mining is a specialist in this.
      Do I need technical knowledge to start?
      At Rollman Mining you do not need technical knowledge to start with Bitcoin-Mining. We make the entire process simple and accessible for everyone. We arrange everything, from installation to maintenance, so that you can concentrate on earning bitcoins.
      What is the minimum investment amount?
      At Rollman Mining, the minimum investment amount is currently € 4,500, thanks in part to a special discount of € 500. This amount reflects our dedication to quality, high quality machines and full service. While some options may seem cheaper, we believe in a long -term strategy where quality and profitability are paramount. Our machines are designed for optimum performance, and although there are monthly costs, they guarantee a sustainable and profitable mining experience. Choosing Rollman Mining means opting for a solid future in Bitcoin mining.
      Will Bitcoin ever be worth $ 1,000,000?
      Many experts believe that, given the growing popularity and limited stock of Bitcoin, it can be worth much more in the future. Just as the price of gold has risen over the years, the value of Bitcoin can also increase.
      How quickly is my machine delivered and connected?
      This can vary, but we strive to deliver new machines within 30 days of payment. It is just like ordering a new computer; Sometimes you have to wait a while, but it is worth the wait.
      Is the energy price fixed?
      Yes, for 6 years. This gives you certainty and stability in your investment, just like a fixed interest rate in a savings account.
      How is the royalty determined? This depends on various factors, such as the Bitcoin price and the costs of electricity. It is comparable to how the profit of a company is determined by both income and expenses.
      Can I stop mining or move the machine somewhere else?
      Yes, it is just like moving an investment. You can decide to sell your machine or place somewhere else if that works better for you.
      How do I get paid?
      Automatically to your digital wallet, just like a bank transfer, but then digitally.
      Can I follow the performance of my mine machines?
      Yes, it's like checking your bank account online. You can log in 24/7 and see how your investment is performing.

      We take care of your machine as if it were our own investment. This includes maintenance, cleaning and monitoring to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
      What happens when Bitcoin loses value?
      Just like investing in shares or real estate, there are always risks and opportunities. But remember that Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade and has proven to be resilient.