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Rollman Mining is the first to offer access to hard-to-find Bitcoin mining machines at locations with the most competitive electricity rates and qualified maintenance experts to everyone. Until recently, this option did not exist and was only available to the institutions. You can now experience what it is like to get more bitcoin for your investment; buy bitcoin the smarter way.

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What you should know about mining with us
icon Carefree

We will take care of everything

icon Free support

We are here 24/7/365

icon Payment options

Flexible payment plans

icon Quick installation

Approximately 4 weeks

icon Break-even sooner

Lower prices for miners and electricity

icon Higher profits

Increased mining performance

icon Daily pay out

Stable earnings and 100% is yours

icon Better performance

Active pool management and 98%+ uptime

icon 100% transparency

Monitor your performance at anytime

icon Longevity

Increased lifespan – 6 to 8 years

icon Specialist storage

Security, maintenance, and repair by licensed operatives

icon Sustainability

Developed with future generations in mind


Our most popular models


Price €8,000 (indication price)
Income 0.071 Bitcoin per year
Consumption From 0.06 per kWh


Price €9,000 (indication price)
Income 0.083 Bitcoin per year
Consumption From 0.06 per kWh

Antminer L7 9500M

Price €11,000 (indication price)
Income 43,545 Dogecoin &
14 Litecoin per year
Consumption From 0.06 per kWh


Price €20,000 (indication price)
Income 237,197 Kaspa per year
Consumption From 0.06 per kWh
* All prices are excl. shipping costs, insurance, installation, and customs duties. Income and consumption can vary strongly due mining conditions and is no guarantee for future returns.
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Over the past five years, the returns of Bitcoin mining have beaten every other asset class by far.
Bitcoin Mining with
Rollman Mining
Buying bitcoin Gold REITs S&P 500
Intial investment 2019 €100,000 €100,000 €100,000 €100,000 €100,000 Average rate of return 90.35% 56.43% 9.74% 6.00% 5.00% 2020 €264,812 €184,746 €119,151 €106,000 €105,000 2021 €971,305 €484,474 €151,617 €112,360 €110,250 2022 €3,373,209 €1,450,629 €142,492 €119,101 €115,763 2023 €1,063,290 €418,750 €143,097 €126,248 €121,551 2024 €2,498,879 €936,688 €159,135 €133,822 €127,628 Earnings €2,398,879 €836,688 €59,135 €33,822 €27,628 Growth % 2398.88% 836.69% 59.13% 33.82% 27.63%

Why Rollman Mining

Providing unprecedented leadership and exposure to this exclusive industry.

Benefit from our approach
We provide our all our clients with professional-level bitcoin mining machines, software, pools, and hosting sites. Before us, this was not the case. Our independent approach enables us to explore all possibilities and deliver optimal solutions for everyone.
Leverage our network
Success in mining depends on access to the best sites, infrastructure, miners, software, pools, power, and management solutions to enhance your returns. We secure the best mining solutions for industry-leading prices by monitoring 500+ industry pioneers and leaders from more than 40 countries.
Investment professionals
Our team has over 10 years of experience in the crypto space, complemented by more than 20 years in the global financial markets and real estate. We are fund professionals and have managed billions of euros for renowned institutions, family offices, and HNWIs.
Institutional grade firm
Our prices are the lowest in the market and our solutions meet strict professional and institutional standards. In addition, our clients benefit from active management, extensive due diligence, risk management, diversification, transparency, and high returns.
Sustainable and transparent
Our business model is primarily focused on sustainability for our clients. Our earnings come from the sale of the mining machines and power bill with modest margins. Earnings from your mining machine go directly to you and are 100% yours. Our founders are invested with you.
World-class support
Our team is available both during and after procurement to answer all your questions and help you scale your mining operations. Whether you manage the miners yourself or let us take care of it, regardless of the size, we will be here for you throughout the years, decades, and generations to come.

Key facts

Hosting locations


Security and technical support


Data centers


Mega watts


Active hosted devices at Rollman Mining



"Especially in these times, we at Platinum Crypto Academy find it extra important that crypto users can mine Bitcoin safely and profitably. More than 20 years of investment experience in the financial markets, crypto and real estate makes us recommend Rollman Mining. Rollman Mining is also the Premium Mining Partner of Platinum Crypto Academy"

Richard Baker

Founder of Platinum Crypto Academy

How the process works
Request a consultation and we will advise you individually.
Choose the model that suits you best and pay for the invoice minus at least €500 discount.
Approximately 4 weeks later your mining machine will be at the location and you will receive daily bitcoin.
Special promotion for followers of Platinum Crypto Academy:
Receive a free consultation + at least €500 discount on your first investment

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    Who is Rollman Mining?
    Rollman Mining is an well-established European company that has specialized in mining cryptocurrencies. This includes the provision of hosting services and the sale of mining hardware. Rollman Mining has its head office in Estonia, as well as other operational locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and South America.
    What services does Rollman Mining offer?
    Rollman Mining offers a one-stop-shop solution for all market participants who want to professionally mine Bitcoin and other assets. Starting with the purchase of the hardware, to the organization of shipping and customs clearance, as well as the selection of the best location for the operation of your mining hardware, to the commissioning and the daily ongoing service including possible repairs and warranty processing with the manufacturers, Rollman Mining as an experienced expert holistically takes over the complete processing and management for you.
    What distinguishies Rollman Mining from other market participants?
    Rollman Mining has been a successful player in several countries and has been able to steadily expand its capacity over the last few years, even in a bear market. From hardware manufacturers to the world's leading utilities, Rollman Mining has created a large industry network, from which our customers also benefit. Rollman Mining's premise is to provide a first class service. Reliability, accuracy and implementation are not just empty phrases, they are anchored in our DNA. The 20 years+ traditional investment roots of the management team, coupled with Dutch accuracy and global vision and motivation, make Rollman Mining a strong partner at your side.
    Which miners can I purchase? Is there a minimum quantity?
    Rollman Mining offers the latest generations of all leading mining hardware manufacturers that can be used to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Kaspa. The best way to contact us is to request a free consultation with one of our experts directly. The minimum order quantity depending on the type is between 1pcs and 5pcs.
    What services are included in hosting with Rollman Mining?
    The service offered by Rollman Mining is a so-called "All-In Service". This means that the hosting rate per kw/h already includes site rental, direct support, ongoing operation and maintenance, firmware updates and on-site technicians. Only possible repair services will be charged separately.
    Is the energy price fixed?
    Yes, the energy price is fixed for 6 years.
    What is Rollman Mining Miner-Guarantee?
    Rollman Mining Miner-Guarantee is a 100% guarantee on the miner, installation, operation and returns to your personal wallet. This provides our clients with peace of mind.
    *This does not include your private owned wallet.
    What payment methods does Rollman Mining accept?
    We prefer to accept EUR or USD but we can accept USDT .
    Does Rollman Mining also have in-house repair services?
    Yes, we have in-house repair stations at all hosting locations for a reasonable price.
    What security measures are in place at the hosting sites?
    All locations have 24/7 camera surveillance, as well as additional on-site security personnel and insured against fire, theft, and wind.
    Which mining pool do we use?
    We recommend the pool we work with - ViaBTC https://www.viabtc.com/. To optimize the quality of service, we have also linked our maintenance software to the “ViaBTC” pool, that's why “ViaBTC” is also a requirement at some locations.
    Where do we stand on sustainability?
    In line with global climate agreements, our focus is solely on renewable energy sources.
    Do you have any questions?